Thursday, January 06, 2005

holding the edge captive

speaking of michael brook, just before sleeps with fishes, he contributed to a soundtrack with the edge. yea, THAT edge. between the unforgettable fire and the joshua tree, dave evans aka the edge collaborated with michael brook, sinead o'connor (her first recorded appearance!) and others to score this dark european thriller that seems kind of based on patty "tania" hearst. the movie isn't that great, but the soundtrack has its moments. it is nothing like u2 at all, much more ambient. hell the whole thing is instrumental except that there is one 'pop' song, that being the sinead o'connor track. the first track, rowena's theme, is my favorite- echoing finger-picked acoustic guitar with warm french horns that builds up to a classic u2 piano/guitar sound. dear mister edge- how I miss your wonder years! Buy the soundtrack here or you can find the VHS at amazon, or stop by, you can borrow mine.

The Edge - Rowena's Theme
The Edge (feat. Sinead O'Connor) - Heroine


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I reckon that Dave Edge may well be a lovely hatted chap but the whole U2 thing leaves me very, very cold. 'Rowenas Theme' is lush though, really lush. Wonder if Craig Armstrong and Evan Dando heard it before they did 'Wake up in New York'

Rowche (SVC)

At 5:35 AM, Blogger brendan said...

Always had a soft spot for "Rowena's Theme". I remember a great collaboration the Edge did around the same time with Jah Wobble and Holger Czukay, an EP called "Snake Charmer". Can't get it anymore, unfortunately.


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