Friday, January 28, 2005

scream my name

tonight after my DJ gig I am going to see some great midwestern garage rawk. Cincinasty's Thee Shams have it goin' on!

"Thee Shams' particular M.O. is organ-and-harp heavy garage with a fatback streak of swamp R&B; it's the Stax-meets-Sun-meets-Chess raunch that Jon Spencer has been aiming for (and consistently missing) since he shut down Pussy Galore."

Every track rocks mercilessly. It's like getting punched in the face by the playground bully and then the girl next door, as you regain consciousness, rewards you with your first French kiss.

some tour dates:::::

28th - @ The Second Story :: Bloomington, IN
29th - @ The Outland :: Springfield, MO

4th - @ Club Cafe :: Pittsburgh PA
5th - w/ Mondo Topless @ Pontiac Grille :: Philadelphia PA
16th - @ Vaudeville Mews :: Des Moines, IA
17th - @Triple Rock Social Club :: Minneapolis, MN
18th - @ Ralph's Corner Bar :: Moorhead MN
19th - @ West End Cultural Center :: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
26th - w/ James Kinds @ Busted Lift :: Dubuque, IA
27th - @ Busted Lift :: Dubuque, IA - all ages show

10th - @ House of Rock :: Eau Claire, WI
11th - @ King Tavern :: Madison, WI
12th - @ Main Stage :: Green Bay, WI
25th - @ Grimey's Basement :: Nashville, TN 

Thee Shams - Scream My Name
Thee Shams - Wolfman
Thee Shams - Get Out My Life Woman
Thee Shams - Half Past 12


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Nice! Thanks...


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