Friday, January 21, 2005

dead meadow

February sees the release of 'Feathers', the fourth studio album by Washington DC’s Dead Meadow, its second for Matador Records, and its first as a quartet with new guitarist Cory Shane. Dead Meadow play an unusual blend of flawless Hendrix/Sabbath riffage, dreamy psych, heavy undulating rhythms, dirty blues-rock, and environmental jams, with eerie high-pitched vocals. Miles beyond “stoner rock” gimmickry, this is a beautifully natural sound, played by expert instinctive musicians.

While they may not be the next big thing that Matador had hoped them to be, they are certainly worthy of much more attention than to the stoned out sludge rockers. In the world where Sabbath and Spacemen 3 jam, Dead Meadow are a bratty bastard child (Bardo Pond are another). And they totally slay live, dewd. While the new CD starts with a krushing riff that Dead Meadow are known for over the course of their discography, there is also more contrast than ever before. 'Feathers' is nearly poppy at times and might actually win over some female fans with songs such as the nearly Dandy Warhol-esque 'At Her Open Door' and the sentimental JAMC-upgrade 'Stacy's Song'. They've toned down the full-on mastadon fuzz a touch and let their inner psychedelia blossom, it seems. Feathers is truly a gentler vibration on the flesh from the hi-fi. Eat a tab, toke down a monster hit and buy some!

Dead Meadow - Let's Jump In
Dead Meadow - At Her Open Door
Dead Meadow - Good Moanin'
Dead Meadow - Sleepy Silver Door


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous jason said...

Spot on review! Feathers didn't immediately win me over the same way Shivering King and Howls From the Hills did, but it is an album that is more accessible to the general population and could seemingly push this band to the shores of the mainstream. Come for the sludge blues, stay for the etheral pop riffing and live version of Sleepy Silver Door (the hidden track).


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