Sunday, July 24, 2005

how to approach an accident victim

Lawrence, Kansas has a treat for you. Drakkar Sauna are your friends. You may not know this yet but rest assured, they are. Encounter these two handsome gentlemen and your life will be for the better. Perhaps they will be camping in the site next to yours, they'll invite you over. You'll share some spirits 'round the campfire, play some songs, dance a jig for your amusement. Hand you a joint and they'll charm with tall tales of a ridiculous nature. Fishing pondside with a harpoon wearing nothing more than underwear, earmuffs, and boots in the dead of winter.

Perhaps they'll be the amazing travelling vaudevillians set up on the street busking. There is something to be said for portable bands and the Sauna are likely to set up anywhere with chord organ, mandolin, tambourine shoe, upright bass, acoustic guitar, and ad-hoc percussion. You hear them on your lunch break and love it. You come back after work hoping they are still set up. Wishing that they have a cd (and they do, on Marriage Records). Their old-timey folky tunes rub just right.

For the next few weeks they might be the unknown band that you encounter when you go out for a beer and a night out on the town. You might forget all about the real reason you went out and fall effortlessly in love as their songs play in the background. Plan your evenings accordingly and pour a stiff drink to go along with your grin. When on tour, we coaxed them into opening the night at the wonderful Replay Lounge and stood with jaws fully agape at their wonderfulness, sincerity and modesty. Do yourself a favor and do the same at one of the following:

Jul 23 - 8pm - Radio Cafe - Nashville, TN
Jul 25 - 10pm - Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
Jul 26 - 8pm - New Street Gallery and Recordings - Decatur, GA
Jul 27 - 8pm - Tasty World - Athens, GA
Jul 29 - 8pm - Golden West Cafe - Baltimore, MD
Jul 30 - 10pm - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar - Charlottesville, VA
Jul 31 - 10pm - The Arrow Gallery - Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 1 - 8pm - The Comet - Cincinnati, OH
Aug 2 - 7pm - On A Lark - Bloomington, IN
Aug 2 - 11pm - Bluebird - Bloomington, IN
Aug 3 - 8pm - Ragtag Cafe - Columbia, MO
Aug 6 - 11pm - Replay Lounge - Lawrence, KS
Aug 13 - 7pm - Headway Skate Park - Wichita, KS
Aug 13 - 11pm - The Anchor - Wichita, KS
Aug 15 - 8pm - Gaslight - Lawrence, KS
Aug 16 - 8pm - Annie Mae's - Manhattan, KS
Aug 18 - 10pm - The Brick - Kansas City, MO

And listen to their entire album available for download on their website!

Drakkar Sauna - Very Much Alone pt 2: the Coke Binge
Drakkar Sauna - Lessons to Teach a Child


At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Carlos said...

these fellows are truly wondrous. today i was eating pancakes at vanessa renwick's house with michael brophy and these boys were in the stereo. vegan pancakes. with blackberries and peaches.


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