Tuesday, July 05, 2005

the unbeatable dream

The NBA season is now over and the draft has taken place. My local boy went to Minnesota at 47th (although he is still a fool for leaving a year early) and the chump that pissed me off by not going to his hometown school that his father won the national freaking championship at got his ego dented by going 13th (he'll still be a millionaire though).

Now, its high time to look back at the amazing record cut by Akeem Olajuwon in 1987 as a promo for Etonic. The song was written and performed by Hurt 'em Bad and a few lyrics were even dropped by the Dream himself! You will definitely notice the lack of flava and dopeness when Akeem takes the mic... On top of all this, portions of the profits went to the Lupus Foundation!? No joke.

Seven foot tall with a basketball he slams like he's insane
Grand-Master of the NBA but just a novice at the game
Dripping with sweat & soaking wet ETONICS on his feet
His name's Akeem but he's called the Dream,
And I won't accept defeat.

Unbeatable - Undefeatable - He's Unbelievable - Unbeatable

From Africa Olajuwon means striving to the top
Twin Tower number 34 The Dream cannot be stopped
A warning to the competition throughout the NBA
He's going for the MVP, So c'mon make my day

Unbeatable - Undefeatable - He's Unbelievable - Unbeatable

With ETONIC shoes & inside moves he powers to the hoop
He takes a pass high above the glass for the one-hand alley-oop
And you won't survive on the dribble-drive cause he'll steal it from your bands
Think you're hot? Then take a shot and he'll slap it in the stands

Unbeatable - Undefeatable - He's Unbelievable - Unbeatable

Akeem is back with shoes that match in his red white and gold
And if you wanna be Number 1 then this is what I'm told
Work up a sweat get soaking wet keep striving like Akeem
And put ETONICS on your feet, And be just like the Dream

Unbeatable - Undefeatable - He's Unbelievable - Unbeatable

Akeem - The Unbeatable Dream


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Iron Chic said...

jesus christ, writing about Akeem rapping, seefeel, while having a slowdive theme.... were we seperated at birth?


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