Thursday, December 22, 2005

siberian knights

I swore that I wasnt going to post any holiday music this year after last year's overkill, but I already broke my promise a couple of weeks ago with my Loren Connors post. So I may as well drop some more on ya heads...

Twilight 22 was the brainchild of Gordon Bahary with some help from lead singer and co-songwriter Joseph Saulter (pictured). Gordon created the group initially through a love of computers and synthesizers. At the age of 16 he sat in with Stevie Wonder during the recording of Songs In The Key Of Life. Impressed by his suggestions, Stevie invited Gordon to produce and program synthesizers on his next album, Journey Through The Secret Of Plants. Gordon met Joseph Salter through Herbie Hancock (Gordon also worked on Herbie's Feets Don't Fail Me Now). Joseph had been the drummer with LA-based band "Rhythm Ignition". After the group just missed out on a recording deal with Motown, Joseph and Gordon hooked up to work as Twilight 22.

The year was 1983 and electro was probably as big as it would ever get. Twilight 22 had a monster of a breakdance jam with Electric Kingdom. However, where Vanguard Records got off letting them release a sentimental Christmas tune is beyond me. Poppin' and lockin' to sleigh bells? Check. Synth steel drums playing Jingle Bells? Check. Cheerful kids caroling? Check. Silent Night line played with crystalline "White Lines" fx over top? Check. Ridiculously bad guitar-synth? Check. Vocoder? Oh hells yea check. So many xmas ditties are weaved into this breakdance medley its a little disturbing. Insert your own joke about christmas wrapping. Christmas in Hollis has got nothin on this!

Twilight 22 - In the Spirit


At 11:43 AM, Blogger eric said...

Damn, Heath. No idea you were such a holiday-tune kinda guy. Waiting for you to post some Moog Sounds from the North Pole-type oddities.


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