Tuesday, November 15, 2005

nowhere near

Dawn Smithson might be a familiar name to a few. Perhaps if you are a Kranky nut like me. She played in and sang in the spacey Jessamine during the 90s and lately has made appearances with Sunn O))). These moves did little to reveal what would happen on her new solo release, Safer Here.

Eschewing the volume of her other projects, Dawn chooses an incredibly intimate environment of mostly acoustic guitar and her lovely voice. A few synth warblings and guitar washes run underneath. But the centerpiece is absolutely the isolation and woe of Smithson's story. The sound of someone locked up in their own home. To me, each song must be listened to in order as they seem to tell a story and the emotions that pour out over time. A great break-up record, if there is such a thing.

As she describes it, "I have been the most extreme hermit I could possibly be during the year plus it took me to make the record, having neither the time nor the desire for most human company. Because this album so personal and intimate, I think it is also best listened to alone - like a melancholy movie that might deeply affect you, but that you don't want anyone to see you being affected by."

Safer Here teaches the thought that you know the variables at home, you won't see anyone you don't want to. Nothing can affect you. Nowhere Near has a deep nearly Labradford guitar figure over the sad realization that the hurt you have is not nearly gone. it may be time to watch the waves crashing...

Dawn Smithson - Safer Here
Dawn Smithson - Nowhere Near


At 5:36 PM, Blogger guanoboy said...

very nice...

thanks...a lot of emotion in there

At 7:32 PM, Anonymous adam chadmon said...

wow. thanks a lot.

you don't know
how much her voice touches
and teaches
how do i attempt a sort of nonchalance
in the face of something i never knew

blowing me away
all measure, all reference

and i scatter a handful of words
with no intent at all

now with fumbling hands i reach for my own guitar - this musical virus,
is art
tra na nogh - tra tra tra - mountains full of old men who smile and wave

someone buy a million copies from kranky for me .:.


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