Wednesday, February 01, 2006

burnin a roach

Why am I such a sucker for shoegazin'? Ever since I first set my ears upon the first wave of the wall of noise back in high school, I couldn't get enough. Maybe I just keep trying to recapture my youth again and again, which is weird cuz the teenage years weren't all that.

These very cosmic psych-waves hit North America around the same time and we got a scene all our own, as well. The fertile New England scene housed our own version of noise-pop: Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo, Swirlies, Lilys... the stuff was everywhere. And now it seems I keep reading that people think that the ole shoegazin is going to be making a come back. I say its been here the whole time, its just been ignored.

And now the same Richmond, Virgina soil that birthed the reverb drenched and haze influenced "post-rock" of Labradford and minimalism of South and Patrick Phelan has now begat Gregor Samsa. Their new full length, 55:12 is set for release on March 6th from Kora Records. Boy/Girl vocals that are sometimes over stark arrangements a la Low and other times over the shimmering crescendos of GYBE or Explosions.

Gregor Samsa - Young and Old from forthcoming 55:12 LP
Gregor Samsa - Three from 27:36 EP
Gregor Samsa - Two from untitled EP


At 4:34 PM, Blogger beatmaster23 said...

my god these guys are FANTASTIC!!! 3 songs that gave me goosebumps.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am and always have been a Shoegazing fanatic and thought I knew them all but missed this one... Excellent and appreciate pointing me in their direction.
BTW, I like the blog, good work!


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