Monday, November 29, 2004

what would GYBE do?

A few years ago I went to Iceland and bought a bunch of CDs. Some of them I discussed in a previous post (go see the archives), here is another. I think I bought it there, that is. Maybe another friend brought it back for me from a tour stop there. Either, way it doesn't matter because damn it's good. Stafrænn Hákon is gorgeous angelic instrumental music from the land of ice and volcanoes. RIYL Godspeed, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, etc. The first track is taken from his 2001 release, "í ástandi rjúpunnar". After Stafrænn moved to Edinburgh in the end of the summer 2002 he started sending demos to various labels in the UK. The records were soon picked up by Resonant and a small US label called Secret Eye. There are links to dozens of mp3s on his website and I would recommend you try them ALL out. Resonant has also just released a split 7" with Emery Reel. They share the same ambience of all of the aforementioned artists and I can personally attest that not only is their live show pure awesomeness, but that their general nature as humans is quite good (ie, they're good people!). Buy their CD debut, "For and Acted Upon Through Diversions" from First Flight Records. And crank your stereo up to 10 and play their mp3, below. Whoa.

Stafrænn Hákon - Hvíti Hákarlinn
Emery Reel - His Hammer is My Axe


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just surfed on in. Great tunes, great blog. These tracks will get me through the morning at the office, thanks.


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