Thursday, February 03, 2005

a thousand points of night

lo and behold, the staff here at JFaD is doubling in size... hopefully my crony e.w. will be making a splash up on here for all y'all. I'd expect much less pop appeal from him on a general basis but we shall see.

Long before the recent mash-ups of our beloved political leadership, there already existed similar ideas. Back in the early 80s, Arthur Baker, the producer of such acts as Afrika Bambaataa and New Order (Confusion) worked on a 12" called Air Force 1. It consisted of sliced up Ronald Reagan quotes over a streetwise Bakerian production.

In the early 90s, Don Was of Was (Not Was) (check out of Xmas post about them here) made a little side-project cut called Read My Lips by a 'group' called A Thousand Points of Night. This cut takes Baker (and other's) ideas one step further and directly splices George Bush Sr's hypocritical sound bites one against the other. Scary shit. And in the light (night) of the speech last night, this cut sounds eeriely poignant. Its a lot like listening to the essential Bill Hicks stand-up comedy recordings where he is going off on the president and it sounds perfectly applied to today's situation, except Bill has been deceased for nearly 11 yrs (RIP February 26th 1994, at the age of 33).

If you are like me, its hard to listen to Bush's voice, even if it IS his father and not him. So why don't you just buy the cd single at Amazon for only $0.14. Then you can listen to it from the comfort of your home once he is no longer in office in a few years. Or, you can buy a great compilation of strange disco classics from Ze Records that features this song, along with 14 others.

A Thousand Points of Night - Read My Lips
Air Force One - See the Light, Feel the Heat
(according to the co-producer, you can listen to this track at his website, at )


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Judith said...

Ahh Bill to have you back with us - the world would be a better place


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