Tuesday, March 22, 2005

beware the black eskimo

"We decided to go [to the North Pole] and spend a winter, to get in touch with nature. Then we found these giant paws and we followed them. They ended up in this small village of Black Eskimos who had evolved by themselves for years. They were totally rude, but were people who didn't get spoiled or get into the same world as us. They were eating each other, but there was something really beautiful in them. We decided to play some music with them and we got friends. That's how we ended up with this album, trying to go even deeper into those sounds that make you eat with your hands again."

Les Georges Leningrad's "petrochemical rock"-- a spastic blend of dub, disco, post-punk, and no-wave-- is decidedly murky. But it's downright transparent compared to their public façade. Montreal's preeminent art-punks demolish the lines between music, presentation, and promotion-- all are subsumed in their impregnable aesthetic front, which they bolster by playing up the ridiculous elements of their garbled, French-inflected English. For singer Poney P, guitarist/noise artist Mingo L'Indien, and drummer Bobo Boutin, there is no message, only medium. - pfm

Les Georges Leningrad have toured and performed with Erase Errata, The Gossip, Le Tigre, The Locust, Magas, Sonic Youth, Trans Am and the Unicorns. And they are on tour right now for a few more days! Check out their totally confusing releases on Alien8.

Les Georges Leningrad - Supa Doopa
Les Georges Leningrad - Sponsorships


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