Thursday, March 10, 2005

panico: ultra latin sicodelic sound

I have blogger envy. What an ugly dark secret to admit. Last month, the always awesome 20jazzfunkgreats beat me to the punch by nearly a month with this great music. and then as soon as I had forgotten, last week matthew fluxblog beat me to the punch and reminded me of these great dudes (and dude-ette) again. Luckily for me, the fix is good enough that it doesn't matter. The music blog 'community' shouldn't be about who was where first, cuz everyone had to get it from somewhere and even if you know the band personally, you still aren't in the band, so you ain't that cool! And if you are bloggin' your own band, well, that isn't very cool either now is it? On to the music.

What do you get if you let five kids from Chile with a serious inclination for Brazilian 60s death pop punks Os Mutantes and early Joy Division and hang out? You get the wild tropical space rock disco of Panico. That is what Vice Scandinavia sez. You can check out a cut from their new CD over at fluxblog. However, this is the A-side to the 7 inch. It's a classic rock n roll genre piece about Amphetamine. And no, that isn't your mp3 player skipping, its the spazztastic intro. For this song, take a big ole dollop of one of the following: Les Georges Leningrad, Numbers and/or Le Tigre. Mix in some good old fashion South American garage rock and whoop, there it is! The rest of the CD is great and wears its influences proudly while creating something new and wonderful at the same time. For the brave or español-capable, dig in! I think their Chilean website says they've been at it since 1995 (!), but there are no real hints as to what they sounded like back then. Lick all the new stuff up over at Tigersushi. Now proceed to Forced Exposure and grab their new rekkid. And since this cut is already up over at XXJFG, here is the first track from the CD, Que Pasa Wey, as well. Its Bela Lugosi lockgroove at 45rpm, trust me.

Panico - Anfetaminado
Panico - Que Pasa Wey


At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Jen Jen said...

Erm, bad news.

Firstly Fluxblog was beaten to it by Gigabytepicnic and second 20jazzfunkgreats beat you all to this back in Febuary.
Ah well, good band thought.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger heath said...

erm, I don't think you got my point?

it doesnt matter who was first, whether it was fluxblog, xxjfg, or whomever- its good music, so pass it on. surprised I missed it on xxjfg, I read them all the time. cheers.


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