Thursday, February 24, 2005

girl on the escalator

a brief post today but heavy on content. normally I wouldn't be posting four songs from a single release, but this lovely new disc from Monika Enterprise has twenty tracks and it was hard enough to choose so enjoy the extra special treat!

figurine gives us another modern tale of electronic love, this time found at an internet cafe. masha starts with acoustic guitar and then drops in the electronics, quickly holding her own in the growing folktronic or ambient-pop scene. michaela has a music box melody that is just waiting to be added to the latest german-italo horror hybrid soundtrack. komiet squishes along with the lightest dark driving song.

monika has been releasing these types of gems for 40 releases now and this compilation grabs some of the finest and rarest and ties them all together for you. recommended for fans of Múm, Quarks, Kompakt Records, the Books, Junior Boys, dntel and Notwist. buy, buy, buy!

Figurine - Connections
Masha Qrella - Hypersomnia
Michaela Melián - Brautlied
Komiet - 3 Hours (T Raumschmiere Mix)


At 9:50 AM, Blogger marcus said...

love the komiet song;
the beat immediately makes me think of slowdive's 'avalyn'. avalyn 2? avalyn 1? i think 2.


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