Friday, February 25, 2005


since my little ole blog here is named after the debut long-player from brit shoegazers extraordinaire, slowdive, I feel very much obligated to pass this information along to you. thanks to chromewaves and mystery and misery for guiding the way.

Simon Scott from Slowdive surprised a few people recently when he unveiled his new band Televise. After late night jams with drummer Nick King and bass player Alex Dowding, Jamie Armstrong was added on guitar in January '04 to complete the lineup after writing an imaginary soundtrack to NASA's space exploration videos. Following their track on the recent Club AC30 EP the band have been in the studio recording their debut single due this April.

They are also about to record a cover of Ultra Vivid Scenes 'Mercy Seat" for AC30's early 1990's covers album which includes Fennesz covering Verve's "Gravity Grave". Other bands covered on this exciting and eclectic release are My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Swervedriver and it's due out next springtime. (Airiel, from a post last week will also be on this compilation)

Reverb, delay, distortion, digital silence, analogue destruction and very very good songs form the distinct sound. Echoes of 4AD's finest moments, Thrill Jockey's freedom and Creation's greatest signings are clues to the sound.

Televise - If I Told You
Televise - Smile


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