Friday, May 06, 2005

street rap

Many have said over the years that jazz is the sound of the city breathing, alive. If thats true, than no city could have been more happenin than the streets of Chicago in the early 70s. Maulawi Nururdin and his group bridged between many different genres, melting then-jazz with the blues of its yesteryears, a latino influence and the outer-space sound of Sun Ra and the Art Ensemble. This is the first of 3 lost albums that Soul Jazz Records are re-issuing following on from first appearing on their recent New Thing! compilation. The sound is a gorgeous day and strolling down the busy street, packed with other people doing the same. All around you are strangers and friends alike calling out to eachother and enjoying "it". On one side of the street you have spicy foods being cooked and on the other children playing. You have pimps and their entourage. There is a stoop with funkified teenagers combing out their afros. Whistles blow, boys and girls look you up and down. You pop into the bar to get a frosty beverage. It might be midday but the band pumps out a deep funk backdrop that perfectly melds to every action that happens around you. It's 'Whats Goin On' for the Black Panthers. Chaos and beauty.

Maulawi - Street Rap


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