Friday, August 05, 2005

don't fear the reefer

Pittsburgh's Air Guitar Magazine are as ridiculous as their name implies. But, they are also so much more than most of the current stock of bands playing in costume (except for maybe Fat Worm of Error).

When I first loaded up AGM's music, the first thing I thought of was a stripped down version of the Dutch band Dog Faced Hermans, (who were an offshoot of the Ex and had a couple of great releases on Alternative Tentacles and definitely deserve their own blog entry in the near future). AGM's lineup is drums, bass and trumpet. They say their sound is "trumpet-heavy noisy costume freakout-cluster of mariachi, prog, avant-cowbell rock, and Ukranian folk -- total dance party". I don't remember anything prog ever being remotely dance-o-rific but I guess I will find out tonight when they roll through town to play with NormanOak and the Retching in a basement a few blocks from me.

Air Guitar Magazine boasts members from now sadly defunct Arco Flute Foundation, who made a delicious GYBE style racket and Meisha. Both of which also featured Mike Tamburo, who I made a post about a couple of weeks ago for his new project and tour with Keenan Lawler.

Air Guitar Magazine - Big Fur(r)y Hat


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