Friday, February 03, 2006

the devil lives in my husbands body

Pulsallama was a short-lived, yet legendary, 12 piece all-girl percussion band who ruled Manhattan nightlife for a brief period in 1981 and 1982. Their sound has been described as "13 girls fighting over a cowbell."

In early 1982 they were asked by Elliot Sharpe to contribute a song for a flexidisc to be distributed in a magazine. Since it was a freebie, they decided to give him their most retarded song, May. With portable tape recorder in hand, he came to their rehearsal studio to record May for posterity, but as soon as he arrived, the gals started brawling. The fighting became so intense it disturbed the derelicts outside, who began screaming and pounding on the door. The band snapped out of it and settled down to do the song. During the song, the drunks started banging and screaming again, or so it sounds. It's hard to tell; it might just be Pulsallama.

In May 1982 the band went to Intergalactic Studios, where Planet Rock was recorded, to cut their first single. While they waited hours for the engineer to show up, they were treated to the Planet Rock show tape hundreds of times, which rattled the battle prone babes' nerves. The resulting brawl nearly got them thrown out of the studio. A couple days later they were off to Asbury Park to open for the Clash, where an adoring audience of 6000 showered them with coins and cups of beer. Pulsallama's single, Devil Lives in My Husband's Body (released on Y Records) became a minor college radio and cult hit.

Text taken from Dyxploitation's awesome Girls of the 80's East Village Sound Gallery.

Pulsallama - Ungawa pt. 2 from NY Noise 2
Pulsallama - Oui Oui
Pulsallama - Pulsallama on the Rag


At 5:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - is there anyone who can say whether there will ever be a full disc of pulsallama material released?
let me know at
Richard H

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will not be a full disc released. I do have "The Devil Lives In My Husbands Body" on the rare 12".
The members of the band are listed on the sleve as follows :

Jean Caffeine
Kimberly "Princess" Davis
Stace "Timbalina" Elkin
Dany Johnson
Ann Eleanor Magnuson
Lori "Bubbles" Montana
Miss April Palmieri
Min "Bonefinder" Thometz
Ande Whyland
and Wendy Wild


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