Monday, February 13, 2006

keep on doin' it

Sorry for the week off folks, Eric and I each had birthdays and needed some R&R. Backatcha...

People constantly question the coolness of the Hoosier state that I reside in. What little they know. While we might not have the constant abundance of the huge cities on the coast or Chicago, we have our own thing going on. One man that has been helping document the goodness from the heartland for years is Jason over at Indiana 45s.

He has built the world's largest repository of information on Indiana recordings and it is growing bigger every day. Perhaps you've already dug some of our lost grooves on Stones Throw's excellent Funky 16 Corners comp, which is heavily-tipped with home cooked goodness. Jason was kind enough to recently forward me a mix of more hot IN cuts and allowed me to share with all. Dig in:

Hamilton Movement - She's Gone
Presidents - Shoe Shine
Mr Gee and the Fifth Generation - We've Got a Funky Feeling
Soul Authority Unlimited - Get Up Off it Baby
Little Murray and the Mantics - Goddess Above
Rhythm Machine - Freakish Love
Allison and Calvin Turner - Keep On Doing It
Black Conspirators - Got To Be Free
Hamilton Movement - Love Circuit
Amnesty - Oh Lord, Help Me

VA - Indiana Funk Mix


At 4:26 PM, Blogger eric said...

Ahhh... Nice come down and jump start from the b-day R & R. Get up with the Hoosier funk. Speaking of days of birthday, just realized I share the day with Hoosier trombone legend JJ Johnson.

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At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super mix! Thumps up!

Best regards



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