Saturday, February 05, 2005

autograph - I don't need your

one of my favorite bands, low, have a new cd called the great destroyer. its good, they're on subpop now, buy it, yadda yadda. thats not the reason for this post at all. they are also on a big tour right now, with lots of dates having pedro the lion in support. that's not the reason for this post either. the reason for this post is the amazing autograph signing that happened at their release party in their hometown of Duluth, MN. ya see, a number of years ago, low's mainman (alan sparhawk) and spouse (mimi parker) had a little girl together. her name is hollis mae sparhawk. it appears that if you were lucky enough to be there, miss hollis mae would personally autograph your copy of the new low cd or lp and personalize it even moreso with a drawing. the drawing seen here is obviously for the song 'monkey', which is the first song on the new album. one wouldn't think it would be a child's favorite track since the lyrics talk about a monkey dying (!) but to each their own...

watch the movie here


At 6:30 AM, Blogger bingsy said...

I love the part where she stops singing for a moment to take a bite out of her cookie. It looks so diva.


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