Wednesday, February 09, 2005

frosted, dizzy, melted and crackled

nick from gabbapod RIP - so very sad and tragic.

I first met Jeremy Airiel as an undergrad. I don't remember where exactly it was, we both had radio shows at the university station, maybe. Perhaps our mutual friends in similar bands. There has been too many un-sober nights since then to know for sure. One thing is for sure though, we instantly clicked on our adoration for all things noisepop, shoegaze, blisspop, or whatever you wanna call it. He's come a long way from recording in his tiny room with a drum machine. And good for him, it seems others have come to agree. Now in Chicago, he has a full band and has put out a series of EPs on Claire Records. For years Airiel has been burying some great pop tunes in mountains of bliss a la the usual suspects- MBV, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Ride, etc.

Here is a cut from each of the 4 EPs which you can get as a set in the Winks and Kisses Box. Buy it over at ToneVendor.

Airiel - Kiss Me Slowly
Airiel - Stratosphere
Airiel - Firefly
Airiel - Airtight Angels


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