Thursday, February 10, 2005

old fashion morphine

Jolie Holland's is a voice that attempts to transcend the new and encompass the old through the medium of American music. Like Ralph Stanley told her, "I don't even know what bluegrass music is- I consider myself a soul singer." So, yes, its the blues, and the tunes our grandparents hummed on unpaved highways, but its the same songs that coaxed tears out of the punk rock boy at the bar. The ladies swayed, the street kids hooted with bright eyes, the hip hop composer unselfconsciously slipped his hand over his heart, and your momma tapped her foot. New time old time: spooky American fairytales.

Possessing a remarkable voice and nuanced phrasing, Jolie Holland puts a new spin on rural Americana with jazz-informed textures and back-alley poetry. Her debut album 'Catalpa' has captured the hearts of critics as well as her fellow artists. Tom Waits nominated it for the Shortlist awards. Michael Goldberg (Rolling Stone) put it on a list for potential album of the year. Salon says, "She does for folk, fiddle and country what Billie Holliday did for the blues, wrapping her unforgettable voice around each note and taking it somewhere you wouldn't have ever thought of..."
Her new album, Escondida, is available now on Anti Records. Buy it over at ye olde Amazon.

Jolie Holland - Old Fashion Morphine
Jolie Holland - Black Stars


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous j said...


I <3 Jolie Holland. Did you catch the Be Good Tanyas at the Lotus Festival a couple of years ago.

Happy belated birthday!



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