Friday, June 10, 2005

eno sings! (again)

Brian Eno. The man really needs no introduction, does he? Musician, lecturer, visual artist, writer, political activist and futurologist. He has a new album called Another Day On Earth. Many people might yawn and say "so what?" or "great, more audio wallpaper". Well phooey on them because he has decided to take a turn back to songwriting with "normal" song structures and yes, vocals and lyrics! Being a huge fan of his early vocal works in his years immediately following Roxy Music, as well as his later ambient works, this is big, big news.

The album is really great. And totally Eno is about the only way one can describe it. The only comparisons I can come up with are people whom he has worked with in the past, so thats not exactly fair.

"I've spent a long time doing instrumental music but as the technology has got more advanced, it has become less and less interesting to me. In the Roxy days, synthesisers only had one note. Now I've got a synth where you hold down a key and you've got yourself an entire ambient career... It's suddenly the easiest thing to do." - Eno

Never afraid to take a challenge, Eno has once again taken on one of the ultimate difficulties in music, poignant lyrics. I gotta say that this post has me the most worried about ye olde cease and desist letter from the lawyers. However, its music that I have been excited to hear for quite some time. So hopefully they'll let little old me slide by... I am only going to post one, and its the first track.

Brian Eno - This


At 5:18 PM, Blogger Phil said...

yes, it's great to see him back again with a strong album. i find it a little too well mannered and precise overall but the good tracks far outway the poorer ones. 'this' seems like an anomoly in the batch somehow whilst 'bonebomb' is easily one of his best.

At 5:30 PM, Blogger countrygrrl said...

well,,,i want to like his stuff but i heard it all in 1987 or when ever dont feel he is urgent or excited about anything,,,it is all a bit too laid back and elevator for me..who ultimately cares give me Toby Keith and Joey Ramone any day like real emotion. but i guess i am biased give me alt and roots anyday...


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