Monday, June 13, 2005

like a gun

the Social Registry blurb about Psychic Ills says: "This Quartet merge the influences of space rock, psychedelia, and drone into pieces whose powers creep up on you."

Byron Coley, writer for the Wire says: "A fine sound, a young sound, a sound you should get to know today."

Neither of these really say all that much now do they? The only other nugget of information on the label's website is that there is an upcoming 12" called Diamond City w/ a remix by Sonic Boom.

Their debut 7-inch just hit stores and its a thin slice of analog Spectrum drone along with a page from the Joy Division guitar book, and don't forget some Bros Reid vocals, too, and a love for the simplistic Spacemen 3 aesthetic. So you ask what seperates this from all those other bands with this formula? I am not sure, but I likes it...

Psychic Ills - Killers


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cool.. thanx -)


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