Wednesday, June 22, 2005

drunk on light

Okay everybody who really knows me at all knows I am this big shoegazer dork. Its pretty obvious, the blog is named after a Slowdive song, I am often seen walking about town in my Spacemen 3 shirt. In a recent cover art identification contest, I got ten out of ten right for the shoegazer week. (but someone else already beat me sad sad.) And while there isn't as much quality material as their once was back in the golden years of the early 90s, there is still great stuff being made.

So please understand when I drop this short list of names of comparison, I do not do so lightly, even though they are often used to describe modern noise pop. That said, I hear great promise and possibility in the music of Weevil. The vocals are a mix of Bernard Sumner of New Order/Electronic and the vocal harmonies of Bell/Gardner from Ride. The bass lines owe massive debt from hours of playing along to Peter Hook. At times everything sounds like MBV demos, other times they're a London-based Notwist. Wichita Recordings has put out their debut and from my ears we are in for a treat as Weevil continue to release more music.

Weevil - Too Long Sleeping
Weevil - Silver Rails
Weevil - Halfsmile (video)


At 3:52 PM, Anonymous h.Lo said...

Hmm, I'll have to check out this Weevil. As far as the cover art contest goes, I only know 8 out of the 10. You are the superior dork. ;)


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