Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the four whoresmen of the apock o'lips

Today is one of those days when you want the world to disappear into a blur behind you; so you put in something furious and blast it as loud as you can and give the middle finger to the world with your eyes. You don't always want to emit Merzbow or Godflesh unto the world, so sometimes you've gotta send out the cacophany of free-jazz. In it is love and hate, sickness and rapture, passion and solitude, deep thought and a blind leap of faith.

Cold Bleak Heat is a wake up call to the evolving life of the avant garde.

The quartet of Cold Bleak Heat has all this goin' on. Their debut on Family Vineyard is one of the most powerful recordings I have heard since the I first heard the Hated Music a few years ago (which is coincidentally one-half of Cold Bleak Heat). Consisting of a tour de force of today's most-blistering visionaries: saxophone endurist Paul Flaherty, the octopus drummer on crack Chris Corsano (Sunburned Hand of the Man, Six Organs of Admittance), trumpet-smearologist Greg Kelley (nmperign, Heathen Shame) and acoustic bassist Matt Heyner (No Neck Blues Band). Normally I wouldn't post mere excerpts of songs for download but these are some extended blasts from the furnace of the global-hive-mind, and no one wants to host a ten+ minute mp3...?

and if it came to pass
that all good men
and all good women
played this magnificent music
perhaps once and for all
the selfish and corrupt rulers and gods
would be driven into the deepest
blackest void

- dredd foole, july 2004

Cold Bleak Heat - Raising The Dead (Freezer Fight) (excerpt)
Cold Bleak Heat - The Blue Dabs Of Varicose Veins (excerpt)


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