Thursday, August 11, 2005

quantum dispositioning

Attention: the Innershell Shielding is being disrupted due to the Planck Factor. Entangled Photons have gained Heisenberg Compensation and Ionic Crystals and Entrophic Decay is imminent. The Probable Densities of the Orbital Wavelengths of the Information Quanta has an inverse relationship to the EPA Effect to the Quantum State Recombination Wave Function. Also, the Isotopic Balance is wavering due to the Uncertainty Principle Variables.

No clue what I am saying? I don't either, but these old dudes might. They helped develop the original ARPANET that was the precursor to today's Internet, which is what we used before the Wide World of Intranets Web came along. Now imagine these three guys as a Kraftwerk robot, Sir Aphex Twin, and Derrick May and you have the soundtrack for one of the biggest technological innovations of the century.

Rephlex Records' Arpanet is a project shrouded in mystery. Nearly no public performances or names are attached to the name, but the packages seem to arrive to the label from Detroit. Sci-Fi chromified for utopian workouts and martian picnics. The second full length from Arpanet comes out later this month.

Arpanet - Probability Densities
Arpanet - Isotopic Balance
Arpanet - Quantum State Recombination


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