Thursday, October 27, 2005


Terrastock 6 will be taking place in Providence, Rhode Island USA on April 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2006. $110 is the total price and we think that is a damn good deal. Save some clams by boycotting the barber or washin' your clothes, so buy come April you'll have the bang to pay the door man, pick up some CDRs and be lookin fine.
As of 10/25, here is the line-up which seems to be nearly, if not fully, booked:

Avarus (Finland) - Bardo Pond - Black Forest / Black Sea - Charalambides - College Girls Gone Wild - Damon and Naomi - Fursaxa- Ghost (Japan) - Glenn Jones & Cul de Sac - Kemialliset Ystävät (Finland) - Kinski - Sharron Kraus - Landing - Larkin Grimm - The Magic Carpathians Project (Poland) - Major Stars - Marissa Nadler - MV & EE Medicine Show (pictured above) - Paik - Jack Rose - Salamander - St Joan (UK) - Thought Forms (UK) - Spacious Mind (Sweden) - Spires that in the Sunset Rise - Tanakh (Italy) - Urdog - Windy & Carl.

A tasty hunk of JFAD favs are up in this web, so we hope to make it on out...

MV & EE Medicine Show - Rainy Day Cocola #1
Magic Carpathians - The Mountains Over Clouds
Charalambides - Rehearsal
Fursaxa - Poppy Opera
Avarus - Horuksen Oikean Silman Mysteerikoulu
College Girls Gone Wild - MPG MOVIE

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

clear as glass

Last month's west coast tour brought a couple a good surprises, mainly a sweet time in LA. Outside of walking the avenue of stars and relaxing in La Brea Tar Pits our show was at the amazing and overly welcoming Il Corral, a multi-room warehouse/art venue in the Hollywood area that seems to present a non-stop wallop of ace performances. The place is run by Bob Bellerue, who I wasn't familiar with until setting up the show. After we played and were heading out he passed on his Threat Level Charlie CD to me, which is "music for glass, metal, space(s), programming, electronics, body and power."
Waverly and wasp-like, Bellerue's bowing of the elements is ambient as two-eyes full of sand yet holds an utterly elegant gaze during the four pieces, all recorded in Barcelona + California, 2002. Using a contact mic and microphones slipped inside PVC pipes, the waves shift from bassy, echo laden rumble to quivering sinewaves. Like the best Keith Rowe injections, Bellerue also plunges into the airwaves. As he explains: "Radio is tapped as a chthonic noise source, and as processing stage and path for feedback via transmitter. Broadband noise is generated from public and private ambient recordings, and speeches by George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden are shredded together."
A bunch of Bob's past work is detailed with streaming MP3s at his site: some recent power noise/feedback (OROBOROS) and mind-heavy n' amped gong works (Gong Listrik). Enough to keep you listening all weekend.

Threat Level Charlie - Part 1

Friday, October 21, 2005

earth sounds

Again, ol' Heath holds down the fort as I go touring across the country and then come back and take a nice two-week readjustment phase.... Mucho gracias, Sirsanrio! Though, I've actually been so wrapped up in the newly updated Ubu Web I haven't been able to get any work done. One new addition on there is the Drums and Nature album by Walter de Maria, originator of earth works movement and one-time Velvet Underground drummer (seemingly around the time of Angus MacLise was in/out of the group). It is a fab, oozing of natural world mixed with the feverish, tribal racket of de Maria that slowly evolve over 40-or-so minutes. Much like his physical work, you need to truly absorb the elements, let it all seep in each pore. I'd picked a CD copy of this up at Fusetron awhile back and have been quite gelled out with it. Recorded in 1964 and 68, respectively, it seems this was mostly a gallery item.

For those out of the de Maria loop, Guggenheim sez: de Maria emerged as a leader of the earthworks movement in 1968 when he filled the Galerie Heiner Friedrich in Munich with dirt. This year, he also made his the mile long drawing in the desert in the Mojave Desert for Walls in the Desert, a project, originally conceived in 1962, which is to consist of two parallel mile-long walls. In 1968, he also participated in Documenta in Kassel. A major exhibition of de Maria's sculpture was held at the Kunstmuseum Basel in 1972. Earthworks and serial geometric sculpture continue to occupy de Maria in the 1970s: his three continent project was completed in 1972 and the Lightning Field in New Mexico was finished in 1977. That same year, de Maria recreated his Earth Room at the Heiner Friedrich Gallery in New York. The artist lives in New York.

Walter de Maria - Cricket Music (1964)
Walter de Maria - Ocean Music (1968)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

ancient animals

Its been a long road for Celebration. First it was the Birthday Party-esque Jaks, which has been lovingly repackaged over at 31G. Then came Love Life, which had releases on Jagjaguwar and Troubleman. A brief spell as Birdland. And now, Baltimore has birthed Celebration and they are signed onto legendary 4AD.

Their debut LP has cut many of the gothic roots of their past, but still maintains a dark shroud of sound. Like Siouxsie Sioux fronting Laika. A stripped down, nearly dubby feel has sunken around the disc and leaves lots of space for sounds to echo and exist on their own. Other places a post-punk no-wave feel bleeds in, with flavors of the best of the female fronted past of the genre: ESG, Bush Tetras, Au Pairs, Rip Rig & Panic, Slits. Elsewhere, a dark lounge Quintron blues fills a smoky batcave. An impressive debut. On tour right now with Calla.

20 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
21 - Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA
22 - Dour Fir Lounge, Portland, OR
23 - Media Club, Vancouver, BC
24 - Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA
27 - 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
28 - Gardner Main Hall @ Grinnell College, Grinnel, IA
29 - The Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI
30 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
31 - Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH

01 - Magic Stick, Detroit, MI
02 - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ONT
03 - Main Hall, Montreal, QUE
04 - The Middle East (upstairs), Cambridge, MA
05 - Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

Celebration - War
Celebration - New Skin

Jaks - Carnation

Thursday, October 13, 2005

blues for one

Hisato Higuchi’s late-2004 debut EP, She, and this year’s Tokyo Flashback 5 contribution, “Cluster of Lights,” were ripples of a distinguished guitarist and singer preparing to roll in. 2004 11 2005 4, Higuchi’s full-length, issued on his own Ghost Disc label is the clarion beacon of his arrival. The six pieces, clocking in at 35 minutes, flicker from vibrant and barbed lines to haunting verbal aches. Info wise, not much has filtered through on Higuchi, though without doubt Loren MazzaCane Connors’ ghostly blues distillation is a direct reference – from creaking chairs and rustling of feet to a wavering cassette haze book ending each piece. Though the limber, dancing notes of cloudy guitar Higuchi coaxes from six-strings pours from deep within its own core. A slow-dance pace carries each meditation on its hovering path of melodic allegory.

Higuchi’s partial English/Japanese croon nears a smoky, after-hours call of loss. The vocals and corresponding guitar on “Hate” is where his form of nocturnal blues vibrates in its own discrete method. Nearly cajoling the notes with each purr, Higuchi settles back with a lingering procession of lone notes cascading one after the other. Joined by Sadafumi Suga (sampler) and Yoshihisa Suzuki (drums), on alternating tracks, the two refrain from the band role instead opting for a transparent layer on Higuchi’s canvas that dissolves into muted sine waves and snare tapping. While the first five pieces echo a hard pinned transcendent and hushed blues the final “Manazashi” roars into an engulfing feedback finale of Haino-proportions, that surely points to a new beginning.

Hisato Higuchi - Borei

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

black sheep band

The past week has wrought forth lots of sadness in my life and I found myself driving around in my car quite a bit. Driving home, going to a funeral, getting lost, finding myself. One of the soundtracks for my journey was Austin's Okkervil River and their brand new EP, the Black Sheep Boy Appendix.

Picking up on the imagery and sound of the critically acclaimed predecessor, this mini album weaves sad strings in and out of toybox odes and country-fried dirges. Frontman Will Sheff spits an honest tale that gets bigger and broader with every release.

No Key, No Plan is a drunken Pogues USA stomp of a houseparty with the Decemberists, Neutral Milk Hotel and the younger, cooler brother of Bono in attendence.

Another Radio Song builds and builds an intensity, from a conversation to an argument to a screaming match til all the possessions are cast about the room and the whole house is on fire, the protaganist left walking away once and for all down the highway.

Okkervil River - No Key, No Plan

Monday, October 03, 2005

secret handshake

Chicago's Number None have a suggestion for a new national anthem, and it doesn't seem like they are pleased with the direction the nation is headed from the sounds of it.

Rebis recently issued the 4th 'annual retort' from these two gentlemen. A self-described exploration of american majesty and dread, taking the listener on a post-millenial roadtrip from sorrowful anthemics to unforgiving noise.

At a live performance in a friend's living room a few months ago, I was completely levitated and alien-probed by their dark cosmic drones. Stars of the Lid is an excellent point of reference, but quickly get wound under in an undertow from the mothership lifting out of years of the ocean floor's sludge. 'Teaching Children About Feelings' definitely teaches some new concepts for victims of No Child Left Behind. Harsh pit of despair medical experiments gone wrong. Indulge.

Number None - Suggestion for a New National Anthem
Number None - Teaching Children About Feelings