Monday, March 27, 2006

stay bruised, stay forever beautiful

We're incredibly sad to report that our friend NIKKI SUDDEN passed away Sunday, March 26, age 49, in New York City after performing the prior night at the Knitting Factory. He wrote hundreds of songs and made over 20 albums as a solo artist and with his bands SWELL MAPS, THE JACOBITES, THE LAST BANDITS and his band with ROWLAND S. HOWARD, among others. He was an inspiration to watch at work, working ceaselessly as a musician, writer and actor. Just prior to heading out for this last US tour, he completed his latest album "The Truth Doesn't Matter" and was putting the finishing touches on his autobiography.

It was a great honor to work with such a legendary figure, and his warmth and generosity of spirit will not be forgotten. He was a good man in endless pursuit of his artistic dreams. We extend our deepest sympathies to his friends and family, and rest easily knowing that he has joined his brother Epic Soundtracks, who passed away in 1997. We're seeking solace in Nikki's timeless records and we feel blessed to have known Nikki and to have his voice sing on. - Secretly Canadian

The one time I saw Nikki play, at the Cellar Lounge in Bloomington, it was a flashback to yesteryear. Scarves and paisley silk and leather boots. A true showman and character, I feel lucky to have experienced it. Enjoy over a dozen songs over at SC and at his official website. Read fan comments on his Myspace profile. NY Times obit.


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