Monday, October 03, 2005

secret handshake

Chicago's Number None have a suggestion for a new national anthem, and it doesn't seem like they are pleased with the direction the nation is headed from the sounds of it.

Rebis recently issued the 4th 'annual retort' from these two gentlemen. A self-described exploration of american majesty and dread, taking the listener on a post-millenial roadtrip from sorrowful anthemics to unforgiving noise.

At a live performance in a friend's living room a few months ago, I was completely levitated and alien-probed by their dark cosmic drones. Stars of the Lid is an excellent point of reference, but quickly get wound under in an undertow from the mothership lifting out of years of the ocean floor's sludge. 'Teaching Children About Feelings' definitely teaches some new concepts for victims of No Child Left Behind. Harsh pit of despair medical experiments gone wrong. Indulge.

Number None - Suggestion for a New National Anthem
Number None - Teaching Children About Feelings


At 4:50 PM, Blogger mp3hugger said...

a bit off topic here. Just came across your blog and it reminded me of Slowdives debut (I wonder why!). Anyway will be checkin in now and then.


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