Thursday, March 23, 2006

sniper at the gates of heaven

the Black Angels conjure up the same ghost that many bands have, they're one of those thousands of bands influenced by the Velvet Underground (even named after their Black Angel's Death Song), or perhaps even moreso by the followers of the VU like Spacemen 3. Big hollow guitars, reverbed into the cosmos, organ droning on and on and on. Hit the distortion, lift off, starry eyed and stoned.

Seattle's Light in the Attic label, who is more well known for their amazing reissues of the Free Design, Last Poets, Deep Throat OST and more is moving into the modern band realm with this and the hip hop duo Blue Scholars.

The Black Angels' debut album Passover comes out on April 11th on CD & deluxe gatefold double-vinyl. And they bleed their Texas roots... with love for the 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, and beyond. Dim the lights, light it up and zone out.

the Black Angels - Black Grease
the Black Angels - Bloodhounds on My Trail


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