Wednesday, March 15, 2006

singing with ghosts

Sometimes you just meet the nicest people. And the other day was like that- two bands from opposite sides of the continent (Vancouver and Boston) came together in the middle to play a cozy in-store in my dead college town on the monday of spring break.

Ok, Tiger Saw aren't from Boston exactly but near enough that its the geographic landmark to be based upon. Newburyport Mass re-pruh-zent. Dylan Metrano has been the one constant in the band for years. Sometimes it is just he strolling through the audience singing with acoustic guitar in hand. Other times the group expands to as many as a dozen performers. For this touring version, they were guitar, bass, drums and a rotating guitar / accordion / flute player. Their songs and spirit were truly gentle and kind. Before they began they encouraged the crowd to take out their ear plugs, have a seat and get cozy. This campfire vibe is intentional and works well for them and grew out of a previous tour.

The tour, which crossed the United States and Great Britain, found the band performing at a myriad of unorthodox venues, from suburban basements and theaters to beaches, forests, and bonfires. These intimate settings led to impromptu singalongs with the audience, and night after night of unforgettable communal experiences.

By the end of the set, everyone was all smiles from their pure genuine-ness and charm. Sonically, one might file them near to Low or Yo La Tengo. Kimchee Records released their latest CD and catch them on tour now with the wonderful art and folk songs of Dan Blakeslee.

Tigersaw - Love Will Kill
Tigersaw - Are You Courageous


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