Friday, August 26, 2005

slave-ghost draculas

The Antarcticans self-titled cd starts as if its going to be another dissident 90s-esque indie-rock album out of DC, but maybe with the instrumental feel of Chicago. By two minutes in, the story has changed to a dark NY noize that has the gauze of a cinematic Canadian arts-collective by the time the track is half way finished. Then the build happens, like explosions in the Texas sky. When the levee breaks, its feedback and sludge pouring over your head, speeding up to a frothy oily flood until you're left doing the dead man's float as the tide and winds sweep you out into the ocean as the sun sets during the final moments.

And thats track one. There are three chapters to this tale and I don't want to ruin the ending so go hear it for yourself (buy it!) from the New Black Music, complete with beautiful handmade artwork and packaging. And check out their live tracks at their myspace page. Yowza!

the Antarcticans - Untitled I


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