Friday, September 02, 2005

fallen from the fray

The more I read about the happenings in New Orleans and the rest of the south the more depressed I get. Luckily I know that times of strife somehow bring good things. I remember reading some line about how Bush getting elected might bring a whole new era of great political music and art. I am not sure if that has happened yet or not? Regardless, here is hoping that some poor souls that are trapped somewhere at least have a lonely harmonica or guitar to keep them company while they wait for food and water to arrive. Similarly, but not nearly as tragically, during the summer of 2003, the Reverend Vince Anderson and his Love Choir were headed to the studio to record their second full-length album. As they were preparing to record, the great power outage that hit the northeast and midwest took over and the session was cancelled.

Torbitt Schwartz, the Love Choir’s drummer, suggested that a generator be procurred and some attempt at recording be made. The result is the Rev’s second solo album; “The Blackout Sessions.” The album is recorded and produced by Mr. Schwartz, with the Reverend singing and backing himself up with a primitive drum machine and several vintage organs in varied states of dis-repair. It features unique covers from the Rev.’s live set, including Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, and an emotional version of Bob Dylan’s “Hard Rain”. These covers are balanced with original songs such as the audience favorite, “Satan Hates Me”, and the haunting ode to the interent, “Empty Road”. The album closes with a beautiful rendition of the hymn, “Abide With Me”, sung by the Salvation Army congregation in Brooklyn, NY, where the Rev. Vince serves as music director.

Vince plays around NYC all the time, so if you live in the city he is easy to catch. He has a weekly show at Black Betty in Brooklyn. Pour a stiff drink and get saved! And tell them hello from me. Last time I saw Vince was as he ran nude laps around a near empty bar in my town, personally saving every person there with a drunken baptism.

Reverend Vince Anderson - Satan Hates Me
Reverend Vince Anderson - Fallen from the Fray


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