Wednesday, August 31, 2005

light becomes movement

Missoula, Montana's This is a Process of a Still Life create cinematic scores for non-existant films. Toss them into the vat of gorgeous goo that also consists of Mogwai, GYBE, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, Emery Reel, Early Day Miners and more.

Glacial, melodic, impossible-to-dislike guitar instrumentals with cymbal flourishes and well-implemented chord changes, all evoking some far away place enshrouded by fog.

Yes, there are lots of bands doing this these days, but certainly not all of them are great- and these guys are. And whereas lots of these acts get trapped in the darker passages of life as we know, the Process are more than happy to focus on the good stuff. I hate to use the painting analogy, but it is true that they build up their sounds on the canvas to paint a wonderful, well, not portrait but still life one would presume. Catch them out on tour right now until the end of september supporting their 2nd disc on Firefly Sessions.

This is the Process of a Still Life - No Memory of the Airshow


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