Tuesday, September 13, 2005

grow up or sleep in

The big story behind Lawrence, Kansas born Ghosty is their hook-up with Flaming Lips mastermind Wayne Coyne. It all started because the band got bumped from Mike Mogis' studio in favor of platinum selling Saddle Creek acts. So the band packed up and moved their recording operation to Trent Bell's Oklahoma studio where the Lips frequently document their ideas. Unbeknownst to the band, Wayne was there laying down some tracks for the Lips' annual Xmas fanclub single and eavesdropped on their session. So impressed by what he heard from them, he asked them to help him on the single and then offered up his own help for their album. How could they possibly say no?

Now the album is out, thanks to Future Farmer Recordings. Big Surrender is a slice of pure indie pop perfection. An instantly catchy and slightly Mangumian vocal delivery (Neutral Milk Hotel) elevates this song to the next level. Hear what I mean:

Ghosty - Big Surrender


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Hector Savage said...

Nicely done... "Big Surrender" hasn't left my iPod in two years and I only have 500 Mbs functioning on my fried drive. Whether it's timeless or of a time, some folks disagree, but I say the former.

Nice Faith Healers entry as well... Quickspace have recorded a new album that is basically a reconstituted Th' Faith Healers, f.y.i.



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