Monday, September 12, 2005

if your bed could cry

Porn Sword Tobacco. Those words instantly draw three strong mental representations. Together you might imagine them to be a very badass sludge-metal band from Japan who don't quite understand the combining of the three words. But you couldn't be farther from the truth. How's about Swedish experimental electro-ambient?

Porn Sword Tobacco might be the modern version of Budd and Eno’s ”The Pearl“. It just draws you in, does not let go. Every track tells a very specific story, assembles sketches, drifts off, picks up again, re-adjusts itself all the time, levels noise, piano, guitar, organ, bass, thinks of new chords.

PST (aka Henrik Jonsson of Göteborg, Sweden) creates this music you hear stranded on a slowly sinking ship in the middle of the ocean with only a transistor radio. Every channel is different but all share the same static melancholy of radio noise and ambience of your dire surroundings. Every couple of minutes the signal fades and you scan to the next selection. Rain, wind, and insects blend into the mix. While soaking in a scandinavian hot spring at dusk, or is it dawn, listening to electronic re-interpretations of trois Gymnopedies and other schizophrenic ambient mix tapes through a Victrola.

City Centre Offices release this in late september.

mp3s removed at the request of CCO.


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