Wednesday, November 02, 2005

what up brah?

Brah Records is the name of the new imprint started by NYC freakprogthing's Oneida. And I gotsta say, I love the logo.

They have three releases so far, the first being their own split with Chicago's nu-psych legend Plastic Crimewave Sound. Each band fills a side and well, you won't get any songs from it here cuz they take up the whole side and I am feeling lazy today.

The second release is by NY's Company. They draw from a country-folk-fried sound that you might not expect from an Oneida sponsored joint.

The third release, from Pittsburgh's Dirty Faces is much more of what you might expect, Index calls it “classic Rust Belt punk, a frenzied take on drug use and crumbling relationships in a city where everybody knows everybody.”

Check em all out! Dirty Faces is on tour now in a town maybe near you... I know I will check em out this weekend when they roll into town.

Company - Red Army Blues
Company - In The Jaws Of The Lion

Dirty Faces - New Wicked Stepson
Dirty Faces - 1974


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Jim Online said...

Thnx I'm always looking for new stuff. The Dirty songs are pretty good ;-).


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