Monday, September 26, 2005

slow man's dream

This internet culture that is growing bigger and bigger with every passing month has helped deliver many new concepts to the world. It has also morphed many old ideas into newer and often better things. Now with message boards, myspace/friendster, online dating, and so much more it is really easy to find people with nearly exact same interests and likes as yourself.

Whereas before you had to settle for the metal drummer dude down the street from you because he was the only one with a kit, now you can find your dream bandmates online. And before where you had to mail cassettes back and forth, now you can simply email files. This seems to be happening more and more and often the results are really quite good. The latest results of this appear to be the western Texas/northern UK group the Earlies.

Since 2002 they had been passing songs back and forth to eachother. Last year, 679 released a compilation of their singles to great reviews in the UK. This year, Secretly Canadian sees over its release in the USA.

Their sound is reminiscent to updated psychy experiments of oldies like the Byrds, Beach Boys, Band, Beatles and probably other 'B' bands as well. A more modern list could also read like Grandaddy, Spiritualized, and many others from the new-found organic/electronic bend such as Manitoba. When NME says, "This music is the electronic, Warp-inspired answer to Brian Wilson's 'Smile.' - 10/10", you've gotta listen. Check out these as well as several others over at their official website until the album comes out stateside next month.

the Earlies - Morning Wonder
the Earlies - the Devil's Country


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