Wednesday, September 28, 2005

when the going gets weird

DMX Krew has been issuing sci-fi-electro in the vain of Moroder, Kraftwerk, Newcleus, Mantronix, Plaid, Bambaataa, et al since the mid 90s on RDJ's Rephlex imprint. The vocal tracks are Kraftwerk's robots covering the Sisters with Goblin's gear. Music for nightflights across the desertgrid in yr hovercraft. The concept behind his latest releases are too good to deny:

It's Music from the golden age of the future. This is an album based around the 'Copenhagen Interpretation' of quantum physics, which is to do with the dual wave/particle nature of reality. For instance electrons tend to act like waves and are 'smeared' out over all possible states until their location is measured. The act of making a measurement or 'observation' causes the wave function of the electron to decohere and it then occupies a particular point in spacetime. It isn't just that the electron could be in a number of places and you don't know until you look, experimental evidence has shown that, until you look, the electron really is every (possible) where. According to the Copenhagen Interpretation, any quantum system simultaneously occupies all possible states for that system until it is observed. Since we believe the quantum theory of matter to be true, and everything in the universe is made of matter (or antimatter) this holds for all systems on all scales, in fact the entire universe is a quantum system. Extrapolating from here, it is true to say that, until you remove it from its sleeve, place it on the platter and listen to it, the album you are holding in your hands contains every conceivable piece of music. Only the act of listening to the record causes the wave function of the music to collapse, allowing the listener to enjoy the mellifluous sounds therein. We believe we are the first to apply this principle to recorded sound and are therefore proud to be able to bring you an album of previously undreamed of uncertainty.

The WAVE CD contains the best tracks from the Wave Function vinyl releases volumes 3, 4 and 5, and also includes a free bonus CD "Our Most Requested Records" featuring 13 smash hits from the Rephlex vaults of the past nine years of DMX.

DMX Krew - Tonight
DMX Krew - the Fallen Kings
DMX Krew - the Pleasure Zone


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