Wednesday, September 14, 2005

everything, all at once forever

Th' Faith Healers played regularly at a club called the Sausage Machine during the early 90s in their hometown of Hampstead, England. When the club's owners, Paul Cox and Richard Roberts, formed a new indie label, called Too Pure, Th' Faith Healers were their first signing. Their song "Jesus Freak" led off Too Pure's first release, the compilation "Now That's Digusting Music", in May of 1990.

"When Th Faith Healers came out with their first record, Lido, some of us thought we'd finally received this generation's answer to the Velvet Underground. They seemed to be taking rock back to its primal urge - to just pick up a Telecaster and strum the same chord forever. They played impossibly simple progressions that stuck in your head for days." (AP)

"While often lumped in with the concurrent shoegazer movement, the group's sound is far darker and grittier, their guitars churning instead of shimmering and their attitude menacing instead of blissful. Songs often spring from simple, hypnotic riffs and rhythms which inevitably swerve out of control, screeching with peals of feedback and shooting off sparks." (AMG)

Kinda like Brad Laner's pink noize pop act Medicine jamming with early Sonic Youth after several bong hits and Faust IV track 1 on repeat engrained into the cerebral cortex. That is not necc equal to Diamond Sea but maybe a manic Bardo Pond.

Th' Faith Healers - The People
Th' Faith Healers - Oh Baby
Th' Faith Healers - Delores


At 2:48 PM, Blogger guanoboy said...

Don't know if you heard this story before or not, but apparently th' faith healers lost there "e" (from the) in a bet with thee hypnotics, who added it to their name.

don't know how true it is, but I always found it amusing...


At 3:01 PM, Blogger heath said...

I have heard this, but I think it was a rumor/joke that the band started. regardless, its funny! thanks for reading.


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