Friday, September 16, 2005

jealous of the stars

Dan Loves Patti is one of the best 1 cent CDs (lots of them on Amazon right now) you will never hear. The album is by Chris Holmes aka Yum Yum. I remember seeing his group open for Low in Chicago in what I think was 1996. Perhaps on Valentine's Day. I had no idea who they were but they had beautiful string arrangements along with sweet and gentle pop songs that pulled on heartstrings. Like bubblegum from yesteryear updated for the indie set.

The CD featured a photograph on the cover of an amazing guitar that was too good to be true. The previous owner supposedly being so in love with his lady to carve her name into his guitar. Then when love went sour carving the next lover's name into it. And then the next. And the next. And another. You get the idea. Marla, Judy, Heide, Susan, Kimme and finally Patti. Dan loved them all.

What came to light afterwards is a weird tale indeed. Supposedly Holmes didn't like pop music at all and made this whole album as an ironic gesture of how mindless pop could easily get exposure and sell units. Or maybe he really did like the pop music but didn't want people to really know this so he said it was ironic to save his scene cred as a guy who played space-rock with his friends. It's all so confusing and who really cares?! All that matters is that it really is a good album- and some people really do think so (myself included) and aren't ashamed to admit it.

Yum-Yum - Apiary
Yum-Yum - I'm Not Telling
Yum-Yum - Doot-Doot


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at that 1996 Low show, which was billed as an Anti-Valentine's Day event, and enjoyed Yum-Yum in that low-key atmosphere. A friend of mine interviewed Chris Holmes around that time period and says that she doesn't buy the Harper's story as he was much too sincere.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger erik said...

I saw a video on JBTV here in chicago and bought the LP.

It is not a one hit wonder albumn. Every song on the LP could be a hit!

But the LP is unlistenable in its entirety; sounds generic and everything blends together. For LP listers you will get tired quickly.

Put this in you ipod and shuffle and you will happy.


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