Monday, September 19, 2005

an argument between the brain and the feet

When I first heard Hot IQs, I was surprised to read that they were from Colorado and not some indie mecca from yesteryear like Chapel Hill, NC or Washington, DC. However, I guess in this day and age geography really isn't that big of a deal, regardless of how PFM try to make it happen by talking about the red hot Brooklyn scene or the amazing Scandinavian underground-- or wait, was that last year, shit I can't keep up.

Now, the Hot IQs are quickly becoming indie darlings with their new album, An Argument Between the Brain and the Feet, on Morning After Records. College radio is loving it, they've opened for tons of the "hot indie underground" such as the Walkmen, Hot Hot Heat, Louis XIV, the Thermals, AC Newman, Rogue Wave, etc. And now they are going to be opening shows for Tegan and Sarah later this fall after they finish their current tour. Things are looking up!

Take a bite out of this catchy as all hell indie-pop-trio and I challenge you to not like it. Firecracker is Kinks meets Merge Recs. Getting Old somehow reminds me of the Dambuilders. Someone please tell me how that is. Pure fuzzy satisfaction, dig in.

Hot IQs - Firecracker
Hot IQs - Getting Old


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